Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shawn "The Google Apps Guy" Kleebaum comes to Internet Education class

Shawn Kleebaum was our guest speaker on Feb 1. He spoke about Google Apps. and gave us an overview of how it works. He also gave us a Prezi tutorial. I did not realize that Google Apps also have a Google Education application. Most School Divisions block things. Google Ed. is "sneaky" way to get a Google Apps. account. Shawn also said that data is stored in the US and If somebody would say things that bash the US, the border control can stop them from entering the US.
Mr.Kleebaum also said that some Google Gadgets are inappropriate for students, and as educators we have to be aware of this. That is something that I didn't know about too. With Google Docs You can export files onto Word. Shawn also should us some course Wikis for Boissevaine School. He said he has a gmail account for the school, and if one time he erased data from their school calendar from his Blackberry and only realized later that it showed up on the school website. Ha! Shawn also did surveys for the school and received alot of feedback. Finally, he spoke about Picassa and showed us the extent of producing fully fledged high-def pictures through Picassa.
Shawn's presentation was useful for me because it showed me what I can do with Google Applications. There was tons of ideas for using it in the classroom and school. One idea that I can do in the future is develop a website so that my students can find classroom information on there. I can also get them to do their own blogs too. Very well done Mr. Kleebaum.

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