Monday, February 22, 2010

The Presentations Part I

Hi folks, well you probably remember that this past week was presentation week for Mike Nantais's Internet for Educators class. From what I recall from this past weeks presentations were one of the topics called "CyberBullying" as presented by Jennalee Burch, Durga DeSilva, Laura Tully, Tannis Hart and Dani Coti. One highlight that I remember is the test we had to take in the beginning of the class that helped us determine whether we are cyberbullies ourselves. As it turns out, I found out that I'm a cybersaint, according to the test we took. That was good to know.
The other presentation was brought to you by my group including Joaney Lockhart and Katie Jensen, or as Nantais referred to us as, "Katie & Friends". If you don't recall, we talked about the History of the Internet. Later on, I think it was Wednesday, Tony, Dan M., Kelsey & Justin talked about "Filtering web-sites". I found there information useful because I didn't know that there are websites available for getting around Firewalls & restrictions placed on Servers being used in most school divisions. This was good to know because it'll mean being able to keep your eyes and ears open when using computer technology within the classroom. I remember in my first placement that the School Division had filters and a website blocker software.
Finally, I am looking forward to hearing more of the presentations this week. I'll fill you guys in the days to come. Over and out.

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  1. Steve Leveque, just another thing to add to your impressive resume, a cybersaint!

    Cyberbullying is a reality and many people laugh at the idea of cyberbullying. As we learned in a presentation this week, anything that is posted on the web is there forever. So cyberbullying can be very traumatic and cause emtional pain.

    I am happy to hear you are a cybersaint.