Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day With Mr. Nantais

This past week we spent a day with Mr. Nantais, no one else. No guest speakers, just Nantais himself. Well actually that's not true, I almost forgot that Dr. Gatin popped in for the last half an hour to demonstrate the Second Life website and most of it's capabilities. I wanted to ask him a question but chickened out, because I thought I knew the answer. Want to know what I was going to ask? I was going to ask Dr. Gatin if Avatar's in Second Life can fight each other. Kind of silly right? Well, yeah but on that website Nantais asked us to read about Second life, some of the terms of that contract stated that if anyone was abusive or doing abusive things to other Avatars, then their Avatar can be removed. I suppose it means like verbal abuse. I guess I just wanted to know if Avatars can fight in Second Life.
Another question I had was if Avatars have occupations. For example, Second Life I find is similar to The Sims, but the Sims characters have jobs and stuff. Is it the same in Second Life? Let's say that an Avatar in Second Life has an occupation as a Mixed Martial arts fighter and so is there a fighting feature built into Second Life? I dunno. I should've just been a man and asked the question.
Finally, in closing, I wanted to get back into Mr. Nantais assignment. He had us check out the Web-Based Course from the Province. Dan Stepanik and I found the course very useful because everything is laid out for us to use, probably. Apart from the layout of the webpage, the content is very useful. I'll use it as a resource. The end.


  1. Good Post Steven!

    I don't think those are silly questions, you should of asked them! A lot of people were probably wondering the same thing. I am still unsure on how I feel about this Second Life world, and don't know if I would utilize it in my classroom.

    The web based course assignment was a good one. My group also found the content to be very useful.

  2. Durga
    After I read Steven’s comments I was very curious to see whether avertars can fight with each other. So I googled to see whether someone has produced a short clip on fighting. And I found a clip on utube. It is under “Fighting Night in The Wastelands 1/3”. More and more I get to know the program it creeps me out. People can use this program to abuse others. I don’t like promoting violence.