Friday, January 22, 2010

Couch Jumping Regina Professor Lectures to BU students

On Wednesday, January 20th, 2010, Dr. Alec Couros presented to the "Internet for Educators" class through Elluminate live, which is a connection through the internet/webcam. With Dr. Courous amazing computer abilities he was able to send us pictures, links and even powerful "heartwarming" footage of a man giving hugs to complete strangers. That footage was among one of the many highlights shown throughout Alec's 60 minute plus presentation.

In agreement with alot of my colleagues I was very impressed with the fact that Alec was not among us in body, but through "tiny packets of information in the form of binary code, then translated through a webserver/page and spoken through speakers". It is a great form of communication and I can see the potential for long-distance education and guest speakers to visit classrooms all over the world. I also enjoyed that Alec was able to answer any questions that we sent to him through chat.

Overall, the presentation we had was very beneficial for any teacher in education. Alec showed us tons of information, sites and technology that can be incorporated in the classroom. Most of the time, learning about all this information seems overwhelming because technology is growing so fast that it seems impossible to keep up. I suppose that it all comes down to keeping websurfing time under control and trying not to get addicted to websites, such as Facebook. Let me know what you think. Steven Leveque here saying, "Over and out".


  1. I loved the presentation too, I thought it was so cool that he could share a slideshow presentation and link us to videos and internet resources too! It reminded me of the skype conversation in Jerry's class with the kids from pennsylvania, but WAAAY cooler! Skype is neat if you just want to talk to someone, but Elluminate was amazing!

    I found his presentation a little less overwhelming than John Evan's...I think it was because Alec's was more interactive. Very neat.

    I always like hearing what you have to say, take care!


  2. Great Post! I really liked your inclusion of data transfer through binary code, very nice touch.

    I have to agree with Katie's comments regarding the Alec's presentation compared to John's. I was alert for all of Alec's lecture and I felt truly motivated to incorporate his thoughts and resources into my own teaching. I hope to utilize Dr. Couros' presentation tools and style to energize my own class.